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We are a niche law firm specialising in Wills, inheritance tax advice, powers of attorney, deeds of variation and trusts

Welcome to Legacy Law - protecting your legacy

Our clients are the centre of our business.  The creation of legal documentation is a complex task which requires an in-depth understanding of the various legal principles and consequences.  This doesn’t have to make the process daunting for the client, however. 

At Legacy Law, we believe in making the complex easy to understand, and our focus is on making sure that you gain a thorough understanding of the legal decisions you make throughout your time with us.  We create documents which are bespoke for your circumstances, and flexible enough to last whatever unexpected events occur.  

Wills & Inheritance Tax

Making a Will is all about protecting your loved ones. Although death is something that none of us wish to think about, preparing an effective legal framework for your affairs brings peace of mind.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are incredibly useful documents. They allow you (the donor) to delegate decisions to another person (your attorney). They can relate to your financial or health decisions.

Deeds of Variation

A deed of variation is a way of redirecting your inheritance under a Will or intestacy. It is also an excellent vehicle for inheritance tax and capital gains tax mitigation.


Trusts have been around for thousands of years and are a useful mechanism for managing wealth, safeguarding the needs of family members, and even saving tax.

Legacy Law | Wills & Probate Winnersh | Catherine Whitaker TEP

About Catherine

Legacy Law is the brainchild of solicitor Catherine Whitaker TEP.  Catherine grew up in Reading and has always lived and worked in the area, other than for a brief few years away whilst attending university at St Andrews in Scotland. Catherine qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and since that time has focused entirely on Wills, trusts, mental capacity and estates.

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